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MUST WATCH: Russian grandmother confronts OSCE over killings in Donetsk

A woman from Crimea was visiting her grandson in Donetsk when she was filmed confronting OSCE officials. She accused them of complicity in the shellings and murder of civilians at the hands of the Kiev regime and spoke of her fear for her young grandson’s life.

The heart wrenching footage demonstrates the human side of the fascist war of aggression against Dombass, beyond the harrowing statistics.

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September 2, 2017

Organised Sociopaths Concealing Evidence are only there to support the illegal ‘ATO’ Alexander Hug stated so about two years ago. When the Banderasts throw Communist reps from the Party of Regions out of 5 storey apartment blocks to their deaths, what do you expect. ?? Sociopathy and compulsive lying by the united snakes-paid OSCE are all par for the course.. One of Putin’s greatest mistakes was in not hitting the zio-nazis hard, and repeatedly.. (but follow the money)

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