MUST-GO: Treasures of Montenegro in the heart of Moscow

Don’t miss an opportunity to experience the culture of the Balkans in Moscow!

This Wednesday, August 16th, 5:00 PM, Moscow’s famous Conservatory cordially requests the pleasure of your company for the enchanting Festival of Music and World Cuisines – this time it’s Treasures of Montenegro!

Come by yourself or with friends for a wonderful opportunity to discover Montenegro and the beauty of the Adriatic.

Enjoy a dinner buffet feast of traditional Montenegrin delicacies:


  • Dry-cured ham (prosciutto) served with assorted cheese. Specialty of the Montenegrin village of Njegusi, region close to the Old Royal Capital of Cetinje
  • Mediterranean salad with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and peppers. As served in the coastal region of Montenegro
  • Roasted red peppers. Prepared in traditional style as enjoyed throughout the Montenegrin region
  • Proja. Corn bread made with eggs, cheese and kajmak. As enjoyed in the central and northern parts of Montenegro
  • Kajmak. Whole-milk cream spread served with priganice, type of fried donuts. A traditional product of Montenegrin villages


  • Kacamak. Corn grits slowly cooked with cheese and potatoes. The most famous Montenegrin dish, typical of central and Northern parts of Montenegro
  • Lamb stew slowly cooked in milk. One of the oldest recipes in Montenegrin cuisine, typical of the central part of the country
  • Slow roasted sour cabbage with sausage. Typical of the northern parts of Montenegro
  • Cevapi and raznjici. Mixed grilled meat. Widely popular Montenegrin delicacy
  • Fish fillet a la Bakalar. A coastal dish rich in olive oil and Mediterranean spices


  • Apple pie. Coastal recipe with chopped pecans, raisins and cinnamon
  • Mini pastries filled with plum jam. Assorted traditional cookies

The evening will be accompanied by traditional Balkan music:

Sara Vujosevic (soprano), Dmitry Grinikh (baritone), Dmitry Trapesnikov (baritone), Pavel Shestov (piano), and Nikolai Savvidi (piano) perform Jovo Ivanisevic, Dejan Krdzic, Dionisio de Sarno San Giorgio and Montenegrin folk songs.


Conservatory / Arkhipova Hall
Metro Pushkinskaya
2/14 Bryusov Pereulok. Bldg. 8
+7 (495) 629 94 01

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