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The murder of Donbass fighter ‘Motorola’ demands a response from Russia

There was a man who fought for his people, for their homeland, for their lives and for their children. His name was Arseny Pavlov, better known by his comrades as Motorola.

He has been assassinated and it appears certain that his killers were acting on behalf of the terrorist regime in Kiev.

It is a sad state of affairs and the timing is highly suspect. Hours after pro-fascist marches in western Ukraine, even fewer hours after a BRICS summit where world leaders demonstrated just how isolated the regime in Kiev is, and weeks before the US election, this evil deed was committed.

Motorola was an honest man and a simple man. He gave up his job and his life to fight for the right of self-determination on behalf of his comrades in Donbass.

He did not need to do so. He was not part of a formal army. He was not enticed to go.

He did so in the spirit with which the brave people of Leningrad defended their besieged city against Nazi forces in the 1940s. He had the heart of a lion and he lived as one even now as he died at the hands of jackals.

According both to logic and to Alexander Zakharchenko, leader of the Donetsk People’s Republic, a state of war has been declared.

Minsk II, an agreement which was dead on arrival in more ways than one,  is now officially in tatters.

If Motorola was an Albanian fighting in Kosovo, in the war which transpired there, NATO would come to avenge his murder.

The question remains, who will avenge this crime? Who will right this wrong? Who will put a final stop to the war?

Motorola is a victim of a state assassination plot.

The US is currently fighting wars on many fronts, none of which benefit the lives of American citizens.

The people of Donbass are fighting alone against a ruthless terrorist regime in Kiev. Someone must now help them.

Children are being raped, old men are being tortured, schools are being bombed. Someone must do something.

Only one country is in the place to do so. Russia has come to the aid of Syria in their fight against terrorism. I believe it is now time for Russia to do the same for Donbass.

Fascism is an evil force and must be fought in all its forms. Any hope of war dying down is now over. Action must be taken and swiftly.

RIP Motorola.

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