Mending broken fences? The Iran Nuclear deal may help the US and Russia normalise relations

Not widely reported in western main stream media, and very misunderstood by most, the Iran nuclear deal is a groundbreaking development that has massive implication in the geo-political landscape of Eurasia and the Middle East.

It’s Obama’s last chance to get in the Eurasian game. Russia was the key to allowing Washington onto the pitch.

While many are not holding their breath to see the USA and Russia as best friends, especially with so many open sores still bleeding…the Iran deal is a step forward towards mending some broken fences…we hope.

Via Sputnik News agency…

The negotiations on Iran nuclear deal indicated that the United States and Russia can cooperate constructively with each other, Gary Sick, a former adviser on Iran under US presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, said.

On Tuesday, negotiators from P5+1 countries — the United States, Russia, China, France, the United Kingdom and Germany — reached a final agreement with Iran ensuring the peaceful nature of Tehran’s nuclear program.

Gary Sick, who is now a professor at Columbia University with special expertise on Iran, told RIA Novosti:

“Obviously, it [US-Russia cooperation] does not apply to areas where our interests are very different, where we disagree with each other very strongly, but it [Iran nuclear deal] does show that at least in certain areas we are capable of cooperation with each other. And I would like to see that as a positive sign and perhaps as an indicator of where we might go in the future.”

He stressed that both the United States and Russia have played a very constructive role in the entire negotiating process on the Iran deal.

“I think Russia was absolutely crucial to the agreement. I think if Russia had wanted to sabotage the agreement, they could have done so, almost any time. And instead they did not, they actually worked with the United States and other partners.”


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