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Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago demonstrates unapologetic elitism [Video]

Viciously liberal mayor claims police protection of her own home while denying it to the rest of the city she is elected to govern.

Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, has made a lot of news in recent months. Cursing out her councilman (who is also a very liberal Democrat) who wanted to protect his constituents in his own neighborhood, reviling President Trump and driving business out of her own city’s center, with Macys and Bloomingdales both closing their stores on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, the mayor has demonstrated the same absolutely insane reasoning process being duplicated in Seatlle, Portland, New York City and all other Democrat-controlled states and cities in the country.

The level of craziness is deadly, with all cities mentioned reporting sharply higher crime rates, murders, looting, destruction of property, violence against the innocent, not to mention skyrocketing drug use.

President Trump had advocated for National Guard takeovers in essence but he changed his mind and has decided to let these cities enjoy the fruits of their decisions. Nevertheless, there is no real change.

The Chicago mayor kicked the stakes up a notch when she ordered her residence area to be under heavy police protection because she was afraid for her life and well-being at the hands of violent rioters. She probably hoped to be able to accuse conservatives of being the instigators of this violence, but if so, that narrative never made it to any news source I saw, perhaps because it has become a known fact that the Antifa and Black Lives Matter people doing these riots are attacking everybody they wish, Democrat, black, white, purple, gay, whatever. It apparently is a claim she could not even try to make.

The Five at Fox News weighed in on this situation. Of interest is noting that anchor Greg Gutfeld of this program had his own neighborhood ravaged by rioters, so he can speak to the topic from personal experience.

Dr. Steve Turley nailed it really well in his video analysis of the situation which we present here. Be aware: This is Joe Biden’s party. This that you see is their vision for the nation. Tribalism. Racism. Violence. Isolation. Drug-inebriated days and nights. Repeat, until America is utterly transformed into something I do not even think the Party brains realize they are going to get. They want power, and they will get it, over a people that have been stripped of their right to be free.

Thankfully, people in these afflicted places are waking up and responding to this imminent threat.

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