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Maria Zakharova SLAMS PRO-NAZI NATO propaganda film

NATO has released a Hollywood style propaganda film glorying the Hitler aligned so-called Forest Brothers, a group of far-right fighters in the Baltic states who after the Great Patriotic War was lost by Nazi Germany, took to fighting a  guerrilla war against the sovereignty of the Soviet Union which was finally terminated in 1953.

NATO’s glorifying of Nazism has been slammed by the Spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova in a Facebook post.

She stated,

“I remember that a half year ago the world community, including the mainstream media, was discussing whether it could be allowed to stage a dance on the topic of the Holocaust. I hope that the same people, who claim that they are not indifferent to careful approach to tragic pages of the history, would assess NATO’s disgusting action. I hope there is no need to remind about the massive slaughters, in which those, who later called themselves Forest Brothers, were involved”.

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