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Man living in Argentina claims to be Hitler

The man continues to stand by his claims.

A man who claims to be 128 years of age has publicly outed himself as Adolf Hitler.

The man who now calls himself Herman Guntherberg claims that he fled to Argentina after 1945 used fake documents.

The man was found in possession of a treasure trove of Nazi artefacts, said to be the largest such stash ever found in Argentina.

Due to the advancing age of individuals from the 1930s and 1940s Nazi era, last year Mossad, the Israel secret intelligence service officially gave up on hunting down former Nazi leaders. This was stated as the proximate cause for the timing of Herr Guntherberg/Hitler’s revelation.

Guntherberg/Hitler issued a statement saying,

“I’ve been blamed for a lot of crimes I’ve never committed. Because of that, I’ve had to spend more than half of my life hiding from Jews, so I’ve had my punishment already. I’ve been depicted as a bad guy only because we lost the war. When people read my side of the story, it will change the way the perceive me”.

Although officially Hitler killed himself in his Berlin bunker in 1945, many have suspected that like other Nazis, he survived and fled to South America.

The Russia and German governments have not commented on the man’s claims.

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