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VIRGINIA STATE SENATOR: Assad would win 90% of votes if election held now

Virginia State Senator Richard Black has told Sputnik that if Presidential Elections were held in Syria today, the incumbent President Bashar al-Assad would win 90% of the vote.

Senator Black has based his analysis on  internal reports from US intelligence agencies with whom Black claims to have a good relationship.

Senator Black stated,

“I have had people that I worked very closely with who gather intelligence from Syria… and several interesting things come out of the reports I’ve received back,” Black noted. “Right now I would say if you could hold an election in Syria… President Assad would probably be reelected with 90% of the vote and that’s including the terrorist occupied area”.

Black who met with President Assad and first lady Asma in December of 2016, described them as

“Totally self-sacrificing people.

Unlike many leaders of the world they are not greedy, they are not hoarding national wealth, they are sacrificing themselves for the future of their nation. So the people love them”.

Black went on to describe the Syrian Arab Army in the following way,

“There is almost total unity of the religions. The Christians, the Alawites, the Sunnis, the Shiites, the Druze, they’re all fighting together to retain Syria”.

Many other American politicians including Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard have returned from Syria saying similar things about the nature of Syria and of President Assad.

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