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Macron increases support for Greece in EAST MED. Pompeo arrives in Cyprus

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Macron, Mitsotakis in ‘complete agreement’ over Turkey, Athens says.

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Daniel Martin
Daniel Martin
September 13, 2020

I think that sanctions will be hard to pull on Turkey because of Germany and the refugee leverage that Erdogan holds on Merkel. But there’s definitely a lot of potential for miscalculations that could lead to a conflict. Right now the Mediterranean is a small pond with many crocodiles …

James Fratzia
James Fratzia
September 14, 2020

I will agree that Macron is genuinely in ‘complete agreement’ over Turkey if he demands that the EU maintain strong and painful sanctions on Turkey until it withdraw all forces from Northern Cyprus, and then the EU stand wholly behind Greek and Cypriot negotiations not only regarding the maritime borders between Greece, Cyprus and Turkey, but also permanent recovery of EU territory in Northern Cyprus from Turkey.

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