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Macedonia’s President surrenders to Socialist leader and Albanian radicals

Macedonia’s President surrenders to Socialist leader and Albanian radicals

After refusing to do so for months, Macedonia’s President Gjorge Ivanov has capitulated to foreign demands and pressure from the Socialist Party and has given Socialist leader Zoran Zaev a mandate to form a coalition government.

Ivanov has made Zaev pledge not to undermine Macedonia’s Constitution nor sovereignty. It also contained a pledge to reject the infamous Tirana Platform. It is a face saving gesture that few believe will be adhered to by Zaev’s coalition.

The government will rely on the participation of radical nationalist Albanian parties who seek to implement the Tirana Platform, a document which calls for the destruction of the Macedonian constitution and paves the way for a annexation of part of the small Balkan state.

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After a long struggle to preserve stability in his nation, President Ivanov capitulated. Some wills see this as a sign of weakness or even treason. There is some merit to these arguments.

However, there was little he could do with the amount of pressure being piled on by NATO and the EU. Ivanov was a David fighting a Goliath. This time Goliath won. Macedonia has lost.

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