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A new political force emerges in Macedonia

A new political force emerges in Macedonia

A new political force is being formed in Macedonia to counter the ambitions of Zoran Zaev. Zaev is the Macedonian socialist leader who has formed an alliance with radical Albanian parties, including separatists and has attempted to form a government against the stated wishes of Macedonia’s President Gjorge Ivanov.

The People’s Movement is set to be a widespread patriotic coalition which will oppose Zaev and his Albanian nationalist and ultra-nationalist cohorts.

Zaev’s political opportunism has been called treason by many, as it threatens to destroy the unity of the small Balkan state of little over 2 million people.

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Zoran Zaev’s unapproved coalition has all ready unconstitutionally elected a speaker who has placed an Albanian flag on his desk. Zaev has also come out in favour of the Tirana Platform, a document which paves the way for the partition of the small Macedonian state.

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This new movement seems to be a final political effort to resolve Macedonia’s burning crisis as the small former Yugoslav Republic stands on the verge of open war.

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