Linda Sarsour goes nuclear after Supreme Court decision on Trump travel ban

Linda “Cockroach” Sarsour gets destroyed on twitter.

Yesterday the US Supreme Court allowed the Trump administration to fully enforce the travel ban by residents from six nations previously listed by the Obama administration as conflict zones that could endanger American security.

The travel ban applies to travelers from Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen. And officials from North Korea and Venezuela.

Jihadist, activist Linda Sarsour was not happy with the SCOTUS decision.

Via The Gateway Pundit

Sarsour previously railed against the Trump administration for the proposed travel ban. She said white supremacists are reigning in the White House and called for Jihad against Trump.

Sarsour also told her fellow Muslim ‘brothers and sisters’ not to assimilate. Wonderful.

And she wonders why Trump is working to protect Americans from countries that harbor terrorists.

Sarsour tweeted, “Here we go. White supremacist agenda continues.” with the hashtag #NoMuslimBanEver

Sarsour then tweeted contact information for people traveling to JFK to retain legal counsel…

Trump supporters crushed Linda “Cockroach” Sarsour in replies to her tweets (courtesy of The Gateway Pundit)…

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December 5, 2017

Ah!!! If it causes her to melt down…It’s a really good day…hahahahahahahaha

john vieira
john vieira
December 6, 2017

This excuse for a ‘female’ person has NOT been deported YET??? Somebody is NOT doing their JOB !!!

December 6, 2017

And yet you continue to sell arms to these countries via your proxies, go fuck yourselves yanks.

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