LIBYA: Field Marshall Khalifa Haftar says Moscow can play a role in Libya

Libya’s most serious military leader seeks Russian assistance to bring peace and stability back to the country.

The leader of the secular Libyan National Army, Field Marshall Khalifa Haftar is in Moscow where he held talks with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Speaking after the meeting, Haftar said,

“We confirm our desire to continue building our friendship with Russia as well as continue building cooperation with your country in all spheres.

Our countries have a history of strong relation and we expect to continue building partnership with you,

Russia may play a role in reconciliation of the sides of the Libyan crisis, and we will be happy if Russia’s actions will be helpful … We have not agreed on a particular role of Russia, but we would welcome any role that Moscow will play in the process”.

While Haftar’s statement does not indicate any specific aid from Russia, it is clear that he sees Russia as a country which has the potential to stabilise the situation in Libya.

Haftar’s forces which are also supported by the secular government in Egypt have been scoring resounding victories against Salafist terrorists in the east of the country. By contrast the competing governments in Tripoli seem impotent in their fight against destabilising forces.

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Walter Dublanica
August 14, 2017

Russia is putting Iraq in their back pocket, and before they will do the same with Libya.

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LIBYA: Field Marshall Khalifa Haftar says Moscow can play a role in Libya