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How liberalism in the US mirrors Soviet Russia

How liberalism in the US mirrors Soviet Russia

If in Afghan Taliban-ruled areas women are prohibited from demonstrating sexual initiative, in the Western Taliban, MEN are quickly getting more and more limited in demonstrating sexual initiative.

Jokes about this side of human life are quickly becoming in the West something as “sinful” as showing female hair in the presence of Mullah Omar. (Bush the senior, despite being over 90 years old, got “disciplined” on this by an American Feminaliban member – in the same way an 80 years old “beauty” would be scolded for showing something as natural as white hair in Saudi Arabia.)

The punishments are actually similar for both underprivileged groups in East and West – women in the East and men in the West are getting “pilloried” for sexual misbehavior. Somewhere in Kandahar “sluts” were lapidated until recently – with everyone encouraged to cast a stone. But wasn’t everyone encouraged to cast a “media stone” at Harvey Weinstein in much the same way?

The action is not even as symbolic as it might seem: in a modern ultra-liberal society, if you lose your job or business, you are worse off than a jailed person – you may end up without a roof over your head. All of that does not mean that I like Harvey.

Harvey is ugly and stupid – I agree – but in his case these defects of him incite the “lapidators” in much the same way as sexuality in a “sIut” incited the lapidators in the Middle Ages – they deliver the crowd a perfect victim. I just hate hypocrisy, when lone and childless Jim Mattis says it is “a hell of a joy” for him to kill the guys who beat women for not covering their heads, while allowing in his own country a similar media-treatment to men who don’t hide their feelings.

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Now to similarities with the Soviet communism. Look, first we have monuments to “exploiters” destroyed in the US much in the same way they were destroyed in Soviet Russia in 1918-1920. Now we have fear of female ankles and reports about 20 years old cases of “sexual harassment.”

Under Stalin and Brezhnev, humans were depicted in the media and even fiction as not having any sexual desires, channeling all their libidos into fulfilling the Party’s plans. So, the Party had an orgasm followed by a dementia. Which is something I sincerely wish the American (and European) Feminaliban.

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