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In the last few hours of Barack Obama’s reign, Palmyra’s monuments are destroyed by ISIS

In the last few hours of Barack Obama’s Presidency, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has remarked on what represents the final destructive puzzle piece in the failed US President’s blood soaked legacy.

Reports from Syria indicate that part of the façade of the ancient amphitheatre in Palmyra has been destroyed by ISIS who re-took the city during the Syrian Arab Army’s victorious battle against terrorists in eastern Aleppo.

Speaking to Japanese broadcaster TBS, President Assad said that ISIS were allowed to retake Palmyra,

“…backed by Americans, under surveillance of the US drones; they came from the side of the desert and retook Palmyra”.

He continued,

“ISIS was created under the supervision of the United States… and later Turkey sponsored this State. So we cannot expect to have genuine fight against ISIS by Turkey or the United States, and the recent, more stark example is the attack on Palmyra a few weeks ago… Today, we are talking, and ISIS has been attacking Deir Ezzor in the eastern part of Syria, and the Americans did nothing to stop ISIS”.

The sad fact of Obama’s pro-terror policy in Syria is that knowing that Syria victory in Aleppo would be inevitable, he allowed ISIS and their fellow travellers to re-take Palmyra and also to achieve extensive victories in Deir Ezzor, where recently the Syrian Arab Army have been pushing back ISIS in fierce combat.

The lives of civilians in the densely populated and strategically important city of Aleppo was the correct priority of Syria and her allies.

What is sad is that in an act of vengeance, America did nothing to stop ISIS from enslaving the civilians of Palmyra and apparently destroying one of the most precious monuments of ancient art and civilisation.

President Assad’s words on the totally immoral pro-terror policies of America and Turkey are totally correct. One can only hope this will be acknowledged at the Astana Conference which Turkey is a co-chair of and America is now likely to be an observer of.

It is clear that the terrorists on the ground in Syria will never stop. They will continue their destructive acts until and unless they are physically eliminated.

This is why, the Astana agreement allows Syria and its allies to continue to attack terrorists, as nothing will stop the terrorists from attacking civilians, poisoning the Damascus water supply, and now destroying the ancient amphitheatre in Palmyra.

I hope that early into Trump’s presidency the policies of Obama in Syria are quickly reversed.

The people, infrastructure and monuments of Syria cannot afford to wait.


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