Barack Obama’s actions continue to embolden terrorists in Syria

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Many had hoped that Barack Obama would go quietly into the night after Donald Trump’s victory effectively secured an ideological referendum against the policies of Obama, Clinton, Kerry and Carter. Instead, the Obama administration is doing everything it can to make the transition process as tense and difficult as possible.

On the domestic front, Obama’s deep state allies continue to peddle the hoax that Russian hackers somehow swayed the election in favour of the Republican candidate. But internationally, the game of political football is having deadly consequences.

It has now been confirmed that many of the ISIS fighters who have temporarily re-taken Palmyra, have come not only from eastern regions of Syria which are controlled by terrorists, but that many of the men and material have arrived from Mosul in northern Iraq.

Igor Konashenkov of the Russian Ministry of Defence has stated that, by pausing operations in Raqqa, the US military have given ISIS time to re-group, re-arm and catch a collective breath, thereby allowing them to prepare their present attack against Palmyra.

Prior to the feeble attempt of the US led coalition to engage ISIS in their Mosul stronghold, reports from the Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed that many ISIS fighters, including top brass figures were given safe passage into Eastern Syria in order to accomplish two things.

First of all it would ideally make the job of the US, Turkey and the Iraqi military easier, though thus far this hasn’t happened. Secondly, it would enable ISIS to continue to mount pressure on the Syria Arab Army in order to secure Obama’s intractable dream of overthrowing the government of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Assad isn’t going anywhere, but in just over a month Obama is. Nevertheless, the lives of ordinary citizens in Palmyra have just become endangered again because of an emboldened attack by ISIS fighters, one made possible by Obama’s petulant policies. It is even more shameful that the ‘cry-baby’ attitude of the US mainstream media and the street thugs paid for by George Soros are helping to the Obama administration in distracting the public from the war crimes the US is committing and abiding in Syria.

It is hard to imagine that without Obama’s recent commitment to lifting restrictions on sending aid to anti-Assad terrorist fighters, that ISIS would have attempted such a bold move, one which in the long term may prove to be a suicidal one on the part of ISIS.

Whilst the Syrian Arab Army has evacuated many citizens from the region, those left behind in Palmyra may pay with their lives, for the hubris of an Obama administration heaving a last breath of irresponsibility in its final weeks.

It is one thing to play political games of cat and mouse with pointless election recounts and the continued narrative of ‘Putin did it’ when it comes to every event in domestic American politics the liberal elites are unhappy with. However, it is quite another to play such games with the lives of civilians. But make no mistake, that is exactly what is happening in Syria whether it be the targeted attack on a Russian field hospital in Aleppo or the new ISIS surge into Palmyra.

For those who continue to be skeptical of the shift in foreign policy that Donald Trump has promised, it is wise to consider the hysterical reaction of the Obama administration, the proximate cause of which is their apparent fear that Trump will do what he says.

If the neo-liberal war-hawks are frightened by the prospect of peace and cooperation that Trump claims to stand for, others ought to be assured that Trump is the real deal. After all, he’s real enough to frighten the war party in the White House and Pentagon.

Obama and his bloodsuckers are always apparently terribly enraged by the fact that the Syrian Arab Army has now fully liberated Aleppo.

Aleppo is where the US diplomatic core and politicians had sought to prevent forces loyal to the Syrian government from liberating the region from the grip of US sponsored terrorists (aka rebels). It was also the place where the US turned its proxies against Russia.

Now that this has totally failed, the US will look to make up for this loss in other regions of Syria using different proxies.

It is a sad state of affairs when blind ideology prevents a major world power from fighting terrorism and indeed causes its terrorist proxies to kill those who are fighting the terrorists. Is this really a proper way to attempt and extract vengeance on Donald Trump? It seems that, this is what it has come to. Obama’s legacy just got more shameful that it already was.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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