Khloe Kardashian: you don’t need a gun, just hire a private security team

Kardashian recommends all Americans concerned for their safety just use personal bodyguards

(Breitbart) – On November 29, Breitbart News reported that Khloe and Kendall were weighing the option of buying a gun to protect themselves from stalkers and the like or hiring armed security guards. Kim Kardashian said she wouldn’t want to bring her kids into the home if Khloe or Kendall purchased a firearm and kept it there.

“I personally am not a fan of owning guns and having guns in the homes,” Kim said, bolstering her position via an Everytown video which referenced Sandy Hook Elementary School principal Dawn Hochsprung, who, ironically, was killed in the very kind of gun-free zone Kim wants in every home around the nation.

Sandy Hook had a gun-free policy, which mandated that teachers were not armed to defend themselves or their children. As a result, Hochsprung had no way to fight back when a man entered the school with stolen weapons and opened fire.

The failure of such gun-free zones notwithstanding, Kim stood her ground. Her sisters ultimately called Bloomberg’s Everytown gun control group for advice.

Huff Post reports that Khloe and Kendall came away from the Everytown conversation convinced that private gun ownership is not safe. Rather, relying on an armed “security team” is the way to go.

“No matter how informed or how much practice we’ve had, accidents could happen. And I know that we don’t even want that possibility to be around us, so I would rather avoid all of this and leave the guns to our security team,” Khloe said.

“I would rather avoid all of this and leave the guns to our security team,” said Khloe, while Kim agreed.

On October 10, 2016 — just over a week after being robbed at gunpoint in Paris — Breitbart News reported that Kim Kardashian increased the size of her personal security protection detail. TMZ reported that she “met with some ex-special force members from the Israeli army, ex-CIA agents as well as former Secret Service members” after the robbery and hired an unspecified number of former Secret Service agents as part of the effort to “[amp] up her security to Presidential levels.” The security detail will reportedly include “one team of 2 hired muscles (minimum) everywhere she goes” and the car in which she travels will be “armored.”

There is nothing wrong with such a “security team” and possessing one must be comforting for people like Kim, Michael Bloomberg, and other gun control proponents. However, the common man is his own security detail; it is he that must keep himself and his family safe. It is hubris of the highest order to reject the value of private gun ownership simply because one has the deep pockets necessary to fund security teams that approach “presidential levels.”

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john vieira
john vieira
December 6, 2017

Oh yeah….Wonder how many John and Jane Does could ever DREAM of a good security system…much less ARMED GUARDS…some people are drinking too much Kool Aid with ‘strange additives’…….

Jonathan Thompson
Jonathan Thompson
May 18, 2019


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