Just what the world needs, another army. EU head Jean-Claude Juncker wants to create an EU military

Broke, bankrupt, sky high debt, sky high unemployment, zero hope for millions…this is the European Union.

Now we have the European Commission’s unelected President Jean-Claude Juncker push for the creation of an EU army.

His reasoning…An army will help the EU fight external threats from all over the world, and show Russia the EU’s serious approach to upholding its values.

What Juncker really means to say is that Brussels’ uber rich oligarchs want to pocket even more cash purchasing weapons from the US/European Military Industrial Complex, while taxing EU citizens even more.

Because it’s not enough that Greeks, for example, have to fund one national army out of their budget, why not another army operating somewhere in Brussels…on a mission to combat evil Russia from invading France.

Sputnik News Agency reports…

“Such an army would help us to build a common foreign and security policy, as well as jointly assume the responsibilities of Europe in the world,” Juncker said in an interview.

A European army, according to the EC president, could “react credibly” to dangers facing the 28-member bloc or its neighbours.

Juncker added that forming the European armed forces would signal to Russia the hitherto political and economic union is “serious about upholding the values ​​of the European Union.”

Welt am Sonntag reports the EC head’s proposal has found support in the German legislature, with chairman of its foreign affairs committee noting that time has come for the vision to materialize.

“The Europeans spend enormous sums of money for the military combined, much more than Russia. But our military capabilities remain an insufficient security policy as long as we maintain small national armies, which make and buy many parts of the same thing on a smaller scale,” Norbert Rottgen was quoted as saying.

Protecting “values ​​of the European Union”…such as bailing out corrupt bankers, driving people to poverty and suicide, funding neo-nazi armies, or organising coups of democratically elected Presidents.

Yeah, gotta love those European “values”.


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