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Julian Assange names and shames individuals sending him death threats

Julian Assange has spent the better part of the last day re-Tweeting death threats sent to him by various liberals.

He has been re-posting them with the hashtag #tolerantliberal.

He finished the day’s Tweets summarising his views on the maddening death threats against him in the following way,


Some of the Tweets that Assange has shared have been deleted by those making the criminal threats against a totally innocent individual, one whose situation  has been condemned by the United Nations which has called for his immediate release without prejudice.

Other more well known individuals still proudly display their Tweets, revealing themselves as sick people who believe that telling the TRUTH is now a capital offence.

Assange also slammed Hillary Clinton who now claims her statement threatening to ‘drone’ Assange was a joke.

He continued,

It is truly a perverse situation when journalists and those who claim to support honest journalism are sharpening their proverbial and in some cases it would seem, actual knives in order to attack a man whose track record of honesty, accuracy and crucial publications which have been deeply beneficial to the global public good are beyond reproach.

Wikileaks is one of the few journalistic organisations in the history of the world that has never once been forced to retract a story. This is an inconvenient truth to those who prefer to hide behind discredited narratives and their own apparently blood-thirsty agendas.

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