The journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow

Featuring breath-taking views of the Russian countryside

It is one of the world’s most historic journeys–the road from St. Petersburg to Moscow.

A Russia Feed VIP recently made the journey and shot this video of the expansive Russian countryside.

Have you ever travelled from St. Petersburg to Moscow?

Feel free to share your photos or videos with us!

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Doug Brown
Doug Brown
June 4, 2017

As a former big-rig, long-haul, truck driver, having driven in every State in USA ((except Alaska and Hawaii) and extensively in Canada, I can only comment how beautiful the trip must be from Moscow to St. Petersburg. The film clip in this article had to have been shot from a train as their were no head-on images, which is a shame as trains only capture so much. If the world were a peaceful place there would be a travel bridge between Russia and the USA and travel would be free and unrestricted. There are no two peoples that potentially have… Read more »

Suzanne Giraud
Suzanne Giraud
June 5, 2017

Adam, thank you and would you refer us to any Russian sites that might have more views of the actual countryside?

Natylie Baldwin
June 11, 2017

I just took this journey by train from Moscow to St. Petersburg last month (my second trip to Russia). It was indeed beautiful – birch forests, salt marshes and dachas.

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