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Joe Biden’s Insane thoughts on Hairy Legs, Roaches, and kids


The next President of the United States of America.  A champion for free speech, for free expression, for saying exactly what you think no-matter if it makes no sense.

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Smoking Eagle
Smoking Eagle
September 5, 2020

“By the way, you know… I got hairy legs that turn…that that…that that turn…er…er… um…blond in the sun. I learned about roaches….”

What? The only rational thing about this video is the summing up of Biden’s “speech” at the end.

Some refer to Biden’s ramblings as “verbal missteps” but they are more like verbal diarrhoea.

It is frightening to think that Biden, if he wins the election, is going to be representing the US on the world stage, and perhaps even being allowed to speak to world leaders.

September 7, 2020

When he learned about “roaches”. That’s a derogatory slang word for black children. Or maybe that got past you, the MSM, the right wing media, whoever. Sad!

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