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Joe Biden EXPOSED For Plagiarism & Lying During His 1988 President Run!

From dumb to dumber!

Resurfaced video of the golden years when Joe Biden admitted he was dumb and the mainstream media called him out on his poor morals.  In 1988 this was enough for the media to rule him out of the presidential race.  Now, in dumber times, his campaign and the mainstream media prop him up using minders and prompters in an attempt to hide his failing mental acuity.  Who is dumber, them or us, for accepting this pretense?

Time Magazine: Why Joe Biden’s First Campaign for President Collapsed After Just 3 Months

WATCH this resurfaced news video from 1987 that completely exposed Joe Biden for plagiarism and lying during his 1988 presidential run!

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Jimmy Olsen
Jimmy Olsen
September 13, 2020

A lying politician? – Stop the presses! We’ve got a hot new headline.

George Hartwell
George Hartwell
September 13, 2020

Those who control the American mind laugh at the challenge to prove that they can get away with anything they want. They can; they do and they will, and boy will we regret it in the years to come; when Covid shut-down turns into forced vaccines and chipping and everyone begins to REALLY get sick and REALLY die until we are 80 to 90% gone and they enjoy the planet to themselves.

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