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Iran to get help with nuclear program from China, if Trump kills deal

China and Russia have been in negotiations with Iran to help them develop their nuclear power sector

Despite European pleas to leave the JCPOA deal alone, Trump fully intends to alter or completely reneg. In addition to Trump’s desire to renegotiate or scrap the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, limiting Iran’s nuclear development program, Trump has added two anti-Iran hawks to his cabinet in recent months, including the addition of addition of Mike Pompeo as the new Secretary of State and John “bomb Iran” Bolton.

Each of the other members of the JCPOA nuclear deal have been stressing that the plan must remain in force, with some of its European members even proposing additional sanctions on Iran in order to placate the Americans in a bid to preserve the deal. Iran, however, demands its preservation under its current iteration, stressing that any alterations to the agreement would effectively result in its end.

Iran has been threatening to restart its program should this happen. Now they are not alone. China and Russia have been in negotiations with Iran to help them develop their nuclear power sector, and now, the deal is moving along, with a contingency being drafted for the possibility of an American withdrawal or introduction of unacceptable alterations. Fars News Agency reports:

TEHRAN (FNA)- Tehran and Beijing have been in talks over the construction of small nuclear power plants in Iran by China, a legislator said Sunday.
“Some negotiations have been held on mutual cooperation and building small nuclear power plants in Iran by China,” Chairman of the Iranian parliament’s Nuclear Committee Mojtaba Zonnour said.

He explained that the talks were held during the recent Iran-China conference on nuclear cooperation hosted by China in the presence of a number of Iranian legislators.

“The Chinese welcomed the proposal and it was decided that the issue be pursued at other (higher) levels,” Zonnour added.

Small nuclear reactors have various uses in different industries, including shipbuilding and construction of submarines.

In relevant remarks in January, Deputy Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Mohammad Ahmadian announced that China and Russia had voiced enthusiasm for the construction of small nuclear reactors in Iran.

“The Chinese have worked a lot in this field and some negotiations have been held with them. They are interested in cooperation with Iran in this field. Also Russia has worked on small units (of nuclear reactors) for vessels and we have also announced our interest to cooperate with them in this sector,” Ahmadian said.

“Iran has studied different countries which have worked on the small reactors technology and are willing to cooperate with Iran and is in talks with them,” he added.

As American belligerence continues to develop ever more aggressively against those regimes which America possesses little dominance over, those nations have further begun to ban together to work with each other as they become further ostracized by the West.

America has decided to conduct a trade war with China, and threatened actual war, hence China as developed its One Belt One Road initiative to unify the region in trade matters, and is presently implementing its own petroyuan to rival the dominance of the American dollar in the oil trading business. China is even spearheading a positive turnaround for the situation with North Korea while the Americans go about threatening nuclear war.

America has decided that it doesn’t want to be friends with Russia, hitting it with multiple rounds of sanctions and threats, hence, Russia is therefore developing its options out with its neighbors.

America has decided that it will punish the Venezuelans for having their own oil sector and refusing American domination, hence they are developing a crypocurrency to conduct trade with Russia, and potentially China.

America has forced sanctions against Iran for its regional interests, together with its nuclear power program, hence, Iran is developing nuclear power ties with Russia and China. In each case, it is America that is putting its geopolitical opponents together into one organized opposition that stands opposed to American world hegemony, which is an outcome that really didn’t need to occur, but which is happening at the indirect behest of America due to its aggressive policies.

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