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IZVESTIA: The crisis in the United States is not even close to over [Video]

A true outside perspective on the US from sources in Russia reveal a bleak outlook, for what happens in the US affects both countries.

The problem with the 2020 election is not that a huge number of Americans did not win the choice they wanted. It was that there are such significant signs of voter fraud and election tampering that the outcome is not seen as trustworthy by the losing side. This goes far beyond the usual contesting we have seen in recent election cycles by both parties. The Democrats challenged state after state’s electoral results in 2016-2017, for example, and it was seen as a legitimate cause based on far less evidence of any wrongdoing. This election is stuffed with incidents and reports of wrongdoing, more than enough to have swung the election back in its honest direction had anybody had the guts to act where and when it mattered. But they didn’t, so now the country is in a situation it has not been in for a very long time, if ever: about half of the electorate is inclined to deem Mr. Biden as an imposter, or an empty suit for the real powers that be who are operating through him to carry out a globalist, super “liberal” repressive set of policies.

This is my point of view as well, no bones about that. However, the possibility also exists that the election totals were accurate and trustworthy. I had personally predicted that the Trump side was overconfident on many occasions, and that the lack of people present at Biden rallies was being misinterpreted through ignoring the mindset of Democrats in general, who are afraid of COVID and afraid of death and do not believe in God in a way that they understand that this life is not the end (though many of these people filled a lot of space in churches nationwide). Now that the churches are closed in so many places, the lack of any real outcry speaks volumes for how little Christianity really matters in the US any more.

Two sources from Russia, Izvestia and Komsomolskaya Pravda, have taken a look at this situation and their analyses are quite similar to one another’s and to my own: that the US is heading for big problems and is already in a deep crisis.

From Izvestia’s piece dated January 21, but which became visible to my feeds today, we get a still relevant picture (translated and edited by Google Translate and myself):

The crisis in the United States, despite the coming to power of new President Joe Biden, is not over yet. This was announced on Thursday, January 21, by experts from the Expert Institute for Social Research (EISI) at a round table on the topic “The political crisis in the United States: lessons for the world and Russia.”

“Violations [at the elections] in the United States are recognized, but they do not believe that they influenced the result. Moreover, many of the 70 million [who voted for former US President Donald Trump] still believe that the elections were unfair. The country is split in this sense. And therefore, the States now have no moral right to evaluate elections in other countries. After all, the American liberal-democratic system — neither the courts, nor the media, nor law enforcement agencies — has in no way protected against falsifications, “- quotes as the head of the Non-Commercial Foundation for Research into Problems of Democracy Maxim Grigoriev.

He noted that the crisis in the United States is not over, it will only get worse. This, in his opinion, is the product of the US political system and the ideology of liberal democracy. The expert added that the United States entered a period of instability, without restructuring the political system this cannot be overcome, but the political elite does not want this.

Professor of the Financial University under the Russian government, Oleg Matveychev, drew attention to the fact that the United States has a 50% budget deficit, and sovereign debt exceeded 100% of GDP. According to him, political and economic crises in America are inevitable in the coming years. In addition, the expert assessed how Washington’s relations with Moscow will develop.

There are already statements that Russia needs not only to be contained, but to interfere in its affairs. Recipes – to make a split between the people and the government. And the idea that the people can live without a state. Love for the West will be instilled. And “the fight against corruption”, which they do not need, because it is easier to buy corrupt officials, but such a fight will be used to destabilize”, he added.

However, this is by no means a monolithic opinion. Izvestia continues:

However, the head of the Center for Political Technologies, Boris Makarenko, believes that for the United States, not everything will turn out so gloomy and institutional mechanisms have worked. In addition, he believes that if the measures taken are effective, it will give a new impetus to the economy.

“Money will be distributed on a large scale. The Democrats will be able to inject billions into the economy: 50 votes in the Senate plus the vote of [US Vice President] Kamala Harris is enough, ”summed up Makarenko.

As in America, Russia has its socialists and its conservatives, and we can see this in the opinions expressed above. Komsomolskaya Pravda had more to say, (from which we have taken excerpts, emphasizing some sections ourselves):

With the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States, a serious value and ideological conflict within a huge country cannot be considered settled – 70 million who voted for Trump have not gone anywhere . That is why the round table on the topic “Political Crisis in the USA: Lessons for the World and Russia” of the Expert Institute for Social Research gathered specialists who believe that everything is just beginning. And for the Americans, and alas, for us. After all, shocks in the world’s largest economy cannot affect the largest country on the planet.

[This was the topic of the discussion forum in which the following people took part]

Presidents of the Accomplishments Foundation Nikita Kurkin and the communication holding Minchenko Consulting Yevgeny Minchenko , Head of the Non-Profit Foundation for the Study of Democracy Problems Maxim Grigoriev and the EISI Expert Council Gleb Kuznetsov, Chairman of the Board of the Center for Political Technologies Boris Makarenko , political scientists Andrey Manoilo and Boris Mezhuev and professor of the Financial University under the Government of Russia Oleg Matveychev.

Ekaterina Sokolova, head of the Department for Strategic Research and Forecasting of the EISS, led the discussion.


The US crisis is not over. Trump is considered by many to be “an accident.” But the crisis will deepen, it is not accidental. It is a product of the US political system and the ideology of liberal democracy. The crisis is expressed in extreme polarization and disintegration of common values. Some groups require special rights by depriving others of these rights. The desire for individual groups is growing – African Americans are no longer demanding equal, but greater rights than other groups. And this is mutual hatred.

The United States has entered a period of instability, without restructuring the political system this cannot be overcome, but the political elite does not want this.


Here is what Yevgeny Minchenko expressed about the inclusion of Internet giants in the “redistribution of power” in America :

Ostracism of the incumbent on the part of social networks is unprecedented. This is not even Biden’s game, but the giant companies from California. The game of large technology platforms in the fifth estate. This is a big risk for the political class. Biden should not be happy – this can be used against representatives of the Democratic Party, some of whom are already starting to worry. The confrontation between California and Texas is seen. Google, Facebook and Twitter, on the one hand, against Elon Musk, who already has his own Internet platform. A new war is coming. And unexpected allies may appear in it – in order to create an independent social network. This is a task for other states as well.

Biden will begin to rebuild the West’s unity that Trump has shattered. And in this situation for them Russia as a Common Other is a gift.

Climate change will be another Biden theme. The entry of Russian mining companies into foreign markets will be limited. This will limit their competitiveness. And the blocking of SP-2 will continue, since this is not only a business project, but also a geopolitical one.

The third topic is the export of democracy. They think that they themselves have no problems with democracy. And intellectuals and bureaucrats, along with the academic elite, entered into an alliance with the Democrats.


Oleg Matveychev is pessimistic about the prospects for both the United States and our relations:

Biden talked about the unity of America, but somewhere between the lines – hints of reprisals against domestic terrorists and racists. And Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi are already thirsty for this blood. 10 times he talked about hope. But it will be a disappointment president. So much has been promised that he will not have enough money or time. BLM, Europe and Ukraine are waiting for a golden rain – but they will get nothing. America has a 50% budget deficit and sovereign debt exceeded 100% of GDP. And the printing press won’t save them.

Biden will become the worst president. Both for the USA and for Russia. Trump was a delay on the way to this chasm; his victory gave him a chance to try to return America to the old values ​​of conservatism (Reinterpreted – Ed.). And we will see both political and economic crises in America in the coming years. Moreover, both the Republican and the Democratic parties are split – this will affect the entire population.

There are already statements that Russia needs not only to be contained, but to interfere in its affairs. Recipes – to make a split between the people and the government. And the idea that the people can live without a state. Love will be implanted in the West. And “the fight against corruption” – which they do not need, because it is easier to buy corrupt officials, but such a fight will be used to destabilize.


Gleb Kuznetsov did not agree with the apocalyptic forecasts of his colleagues:

– It is dangerous to live with the illusions of the end of the United States. They can print money indefinitely – billions will go to the stock markets and companies will not go bankrupt, fulfilling their obligations. Many of Biden’s moves will simply be a softening of Trump’s measures. Before the pandemic, schisms were localized, violence and direct, and censorship was not generally accepted. And coronavirus radicalization was a consequence of changes in economies, and the emergence of new active players who are trying to benefit from the situation. There is an alienation of income from those in the real sector in favor of those who serve and work in virtual areas. Not everyone likes it.

There will be a return to law as such. Biden will return to the center. He is in WHO, and in the Paris Agreement on climate, and at the head of a renewed, consolidated West – these are the aspirations. His steps are moderate, that they even contradict their pre-election promises.

Yes, freedom of speech fell victim to COVID restrictions first. And internet platforms are the main beneficiaries. But even here there will be a rollback. Biden will moderately calmly turn the world to the situation that was during the early Obama.
What should Russia do? The cards are in front of us. Our business is to continue the policy that has been pursued so far. Or try to arrange relaxation and come to more peaceful forms of the system’s existence.

As the reader can see, there are diverging opinion in Russia as there are in America. It seems to me that the positive-leaning opinions are overly optimistic, though they do make a point: things might not turn out quite as bad as many of us feared.

In terms of any analysis for the future, the most dangerous path for the United States is that while things get worse, they do not do so catastrophically but in much the same way as they did in 2020: to have event after event, “never letting a good crisis go to waste” and using them to nudge the country deeper and deeper into the dystopian future many of us foresee. The trick will be how to do this without upsetting folks when they realize what is going on.

After all, the frog does not know he is cooked until it is too late. This has been coming for some time, and many people see it.

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February 3, 2021

Horribly wrangled English. Russians taking a swipe (repeatedly) at “the ideology of liberal democracy”. No! The ideology is superior to the strangling of individual freedoms and rights seen repeatedly under communism. The problem in the USA lies in the unwillingness of those in positions of power to observe the principles of liberal democracy. Many in power are ignoring or contravening the principles laid down in the Constitution … and this includes many in the judiciary. It’s a vile mix of self-interest, cowardice and a wish for a return to the murky swamp where shady deals go unnoticed and politicians are… Read more »

Reply to  Greg
February 3, 2021

Great post.

Reply to  Regula
February 3, 2021

How many have been murdered by the US’ worldwide interventionism and continue to be murdered?

Reply to  Greg
February 3, 2021

No, the problem with the US is that the old Yankee Puritan Class and 1920s Jewish Trotskyites have, since the 1850s, gutted the foundations of the Bill of Rights and Constitutional government. The US founders never embraced ‘liberal democracy’ as you are defining.

Vera Gottlieb
Vera Gottlieb
Reply to  Greg
February 4, 2021

Democracy = the will of the people. And now it is = the will of the corporations.

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