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It’s becoming more evident that Ukraine is on the losing side of history

The saga of blood, doom, corruption and fascism that is post-coup Ukraine, continues to become more of a dead end by the day. Ukrainian politicians have expressed their frustration that many in the Dutch Parliament are no keener on Ukraine signing an association with the EU than were the Dutch people who overwhelmingly voted the proposal down in an advisory referendum.

The EU itself said that any discussion of Ukraine’s visa-free travel arrangement with the EU would not be on the agenda for the forthcoming session. In other words, the EU has more important things to deal with like an economic disaster, the bifurcation between northern-and southern Europe, a refugee crisis that may well bring down Europe’s most powerful leader, Angela Merkel, and Brexit.

This comes in the wake of the recent exposure of the true level of personal enrichment attained by post-coup politicians in Kiev. The corruption is astounding even by Ukrainian standards. This has shocked even many erstwhile supporters of Ukraine’s new (non) direction.

Ukraine is now yet another step closer to melt down and eventual break-up. Donbass will never come back to Kiev and other regions may well follow once Ukraine either gives up on its campaign of terror or is otherwise roundly beaten by troops from Donbass who are eager to avenge the murder of Sparta Battalion leader, Arsen ‘Motorola’ Pavlov.

As I have previously written, Kiev is being pulled in multiple directions. There is Donbass in the east and other eastern regions who are increasingly fed up with the fascist diktats of the central government as well as economic collapse. There is a western Galician Ukraine whose leaders are acting increasingly like they are in charge of an autonomous neo-Nazi pseudo-state.

Then there’s the matter of  economic oblivion in a sate that cut off its industry from its only natural business partner, Russia, in order to find that a prospective partner in the EU wants little or nothing to do with them.

Predictably, rather than face his own folly, former Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Volodymyr Semynozhenko spoke of the Dutch and EU actions as a ‘humiliating betrayal’. The only humiliation worthy of note is that of a government who cannot even agree on how the Second World War started or who is responsible for the Holocaust. If they cannot agree on undeniable historical truths, how can they be expected to agree on anything?

Now that Donald Trump has won the US election, Kiev’s last friend, Hillary Clinton will not be there to bail them out of this one. Kiev will find itself isolating and swimming in a swamp of corruption. Trump talks about ‘draining the swamp’ of corruption in Washington. When it comes to post-coup Ukraine, the swamp has consumed itself.

Ordinary people will sadly suffer, who knows how much longer they will take it. Perhaps the regime in Kiev will go as it came. I believe this is a matter of when, not, if.

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