Israeli border guards show random acts of brutality [VIDEO]

It is things like this that undermine Israel’s credibility as a nation that wants peace with their Palestinian neighbors

Palestine and Israel flag

This headline has a couple really strong statements. But it would seem that they are justified. See for yourself the behavior of Israeli border guards towards Palestinians:

This was reported on March 3rd. There are two actions – one shows one of the guards throwing a stun grenade at a man and his wife who are carrying an infant and running away from the guards. The second is one of the guards pointing his machine gun at something going on near the ambulance.

It is things like this that really bother Mahmoud Abbas, for sure, and they give a lot of credence to his anger about Jerusalem being recognized by the United States as the official capital of Israel.

The way to peace in the region is complex in some ways, but a great start would be to stop abusing people that have no hostility in them. This is a brutal, cruel scene, and it is not the only one.

The story that surrounds this appears in the Jerusalem Post, but it is poorly written and gives no justification for this action taking place. The most it offers is the claim that the soldier who threw the grenade didn’t see the baby, and would not have done so if he had seen it. But if there was a security threat from these people, would not the guards have stopped this couple, at least to ask them what is going on? Rather, it looks like an attempt to “drive the cockroaches away” in terms of the way the Palestinian people are regarded.

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