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Israel, Iran, and the newest preemptive strikes in Syria

The Jewish State has produced a new pretext for aggression against Syria

Last week, Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu conducted a sort of ‘class’ on just how he thinks Iran has secretly been violating the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action nuclear agreement.

Yesterday, Trump refers to Netanyahu’s presentation as part of his reasoning for abandoning the international nuclear deal that European signatories had crossed the pond to beg Trump to preserve.

Almost immediately afterward, Israeli military in the Golan Heights goes on ‘high alert’ over what they call suspicious movement of Iranian forces in Syria.

Israel then conducted preemptive missile strikes near Damascus at what they called Iranian forces in order to head off an Iranian attack at Israeli forces in the Heights.

Israeli Defense Forces then report that they have intercepted twenty projectiles incoming near the Golan Heights, which they say was launched by the Iranians, but which the Syrians are saying is their own forces responding to Israel’s aggression, which was largely intercepted by the Syrian Air Defense.

Israel apparently knew that Trump was ending the nuclear deal, and thus anticipated that this would prompt Iranian forces to organize an assault against IDF forces, hence Israel established an alert, picked out some targets to paint as something to ‘retaliate’ against, took aim, and then fired, killing 15, including 8 Iranians, according to the Jerusalem Post, which was largely intercepted, but striking a radar site.

Not only did Israel know that Trump was about ‘provoke’ Tehran, they also knew that Iranian forces in Syria were coming for them, and that’s why Israel’s preemptive strikes were ‘retaliations’ against an Iranian offensive that hadn’t happened. Who wouldn’t want a crystal ball like the one that Netanyahu has?

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