Is Donald Trump more dangerous than Barack Obama?

Barack Obama’s transition from the ‘change’ and ‘hope’ President to war monger and global destabiliser-in-chief was a gradual process. By contrast, Donald Trump’s transition from one of the most anti-interventionist mainstream US politicians in decades to war monger and global destabiliser-in-chief happened literally overnight.

What might this mean? 

The prognosis is not an optimistic one. If all it took for the deep state powers that be to pull on Trump’s personal emotional heartstrings in order for Trump to change every meaningful element of his foreign policy over night, it means that Trump might be even weaker and therefore more dangerous than Obama was.

Obama behaved as a kind of middle manager for the deep state. At all times he seemed calm and in charge to the point of being downright boring. His highly scripted manner of speech helped lend credence to his credentials as a proper deep state man. His years as a lawyer and community organiser certainly helped him to internalise the cause he was fighting for, whether his heart was in it or not.

After all, this is why the famous English barrister Lord Birkett said that lawyers make for poor politicians. They are used to arguing a case upon being instructed by a brief that has been prepared for them, rather than speaking on positions of personal conviction. Obama fit Lord Birkett’s description very well.

However, Obama’s ability to ascertain the cost benefit analysis of a bureaucratic conundrum may have served him wisely when he ultimately decided against attacking the Syrian government in 2013 after a similar false flag chemical attack to the one from last week.

The scenario Obama faced in 2013 and his reaction to it was explained in detail by former CIA officer Ray McGovern in a recent in-depth interview with RT.

By contrast, Donald Trump struck both his supporters and his opponents as someone guided by instinct and emotion. The fact that his instincts seemed to be indelibly in favour of peace and non-intervention made many people come to embrace Trump’s message.

It seems though that something in Washington was able to turn his emotions against his own apparent and professed instinct; from those in favour of non-intervention to those in favour of war.

If a few  deeply suspicious and likely inauthentic photos from the fraudulent White Helmets was all it took to totally transform Donald Trump’s foreign policy, then things could get much worse very soon.

There is always a chance that Trump took a calculated risk in bombing Syria. He may have simply wanted to get his domestic opposition off his back by throwing them a considerably large bone. In that case mission accomplished.

That being said, the deep state will almost certainly want more than a single, poorly executed attack and perhaps they will get it.

The deep state have found a way to bend Trump and they may soon break him.

If Obama was the deep state’s middle manager, Trump is looking increasingly like the deep state’s poodle.

Making matters worse, while the opposition Democrats have not rediscovered their Robert Kennedy, Eugene McCarthy, George McGovern traditions of opposing foreign wars, there was a chance that under a Hillary Clinton presidency the Republicans may have discovered the only thing that ever gets them to unite in opposition to militarism; a militant Democrat in the White House whose name is Clinton.

Analysis must change with the evidence. So far, Trump looks to have boxed himself and the world into a very deadly corner.

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