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Ireland and Europe’s Viral Outlook – what does the Latest Data say?

By Ivor Cummins

Note: this content covers Sweden, and most of it is applicable to other European countries also. But I’ve had so many requests to do an Ireland-centric piece, looking at the latest data. It covers the past, present and future. As we are clearly now hellbent on (further) destroying our economy and society…does the current strategy make any sense ?

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Robert Tyrrell
Robert Tyrrell
October 11, 2020

If we dont stop smear test tony then this country is done .period. why is no one asking for his resignation? Where is the petition against him??

Reply to  Robert Tyrrell
October 11, 2020

Apathy and cynicism kinda have a lot to do with it. No one elected to power in Ireland has proven reliable. Too many paid puppets who’ve embezzled and abused the public purse.

Robert Tyrrell
Robert Tyrrell
Reply to  Cudwieser
October 11, 2020

Fully agree. I see no way out.

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