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Iranian President Rouhani telephones Vladimir Putin–united front on Syria is strengthened

Fake news reports on Russia and Iran preparing to retaliate against the illegal US missile attack on Syria are filling the web, but this could not be further from reality.

In a telephone call between Presidents Hassan Rouhani and Vladimir Putin, Russia and Iran have pledged to remain committed to aiding Syria in the fight against terrorism.

According to the Kremlin’s Press Service,

“On the initiative of the Iranian party a phone conversation between Vladimir Putin and President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Hassan Rouhani was held. … [The presidents] exchanged their views of the situation in Syria. Both parties pointed out the inadmissibility of US aggressive actions against the sovereign state in violation of the international law. Putin and Rouhani called for holding an objective, impartial investigation of all circumstances of the incident involving chemical weapons in the Syrian province of Idlib on April 4”.

The statement continued,

“The Leaders also noted the importance to continue close cooperation on political and diplomatic settlement of the armed conflict in Syria”.

Contrary to the views of John McCain, Iran and Russia are not going to simply do nothing in the wake of the US attack on Syria, but nor are they going to counter-attack on the US or any state allied to the US.

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