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Intel agencies wasting resources on Russia, should focus on terrorism

A nation’s intelligent service and secret police is only as good as its mission. Unless its soul mission is to protect public safety, such an organisation has outlived its usefulness. Put another way, if God forbid, a terrorist attack should happen on UK or US soil, MI6/MI5 and the CIA/NSA have blood on their hands, insofar as every minute and every penny wasted on looking for non-existing dirt on Russia and Donald Trump was money and time that could have and should have been spent fighting the only threat to ordinary people in the 21st century. That threat is non-state terrorism.

In the early 2000s, the word was that many so-called Russia experts (read Russia haters) in western intelligence agencies were out of jobs because people knew that Russia was not a threat. Now that Russia is once again ‘public enemy number one’ in the eyes of the political elite and media establishment, the ‘Russia experts’ are trying to cash in big league.

The total nonsense many of these people spew is a distraction from the fact that many countries in the west are woefully underprepared to deal with terrorism as Angela Merkel’s ‘come as you are, kill as you will’ open door policy has proved.

As Donald Trump admits, the west could learn from Russia rather than try to provoke Russia into fighting wars that are as rotten as sour milk. But I suppose for some of the more dastardly cowards in the intelligence agencies, making up stories about ‘Russian prostitutes’ is more personally arousing than actually doing the job of infiltrating throat-cutting, bomb-plating terrorist cells and stopping them in their tracks.

As I said, after Trump won the election – a great purge of the deep state, starting with the intelligence agencies, is needed. Donald Trump’s dissatisfaction may well lead to a more thorough swamp draining than one could have hoped for. Additionally, legal action against the man Trump rightly calls ‘failed spy’ Christopher Steele is necessary and he should not waste time.

This is not just academic, it’s about something beyond ethnics. It’s about saving lives from terrorism. By directing resources in the wrong areas, ordinary people will suffer and continue to live in fear.

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