Instead of being in prison for obstruction of justice, Hillary Clinton announces her 2016 presidential campaign

Hillary Clinton finally announced intentions to run for president of the United States on Sunday.

The former secretary of state is considered the frontrunner within the Democratic Party. She is the first Democratic presidential candidate to officially announce her bid for the White House in the 2016 election.

Hillary Clinton published her campaign video on her official Youtube account, with the two-minute clip, entitled Getting Started.

If Clinton’s past stint as Secretary of State is any indicator as to the type of President she will make, then look out America and world, because a Hillary Clinton administration would be a disaster of biblical proportions.

Notable Clinton accomplishments include Benghazi, in which a US ambassador was killed, to her now infamous use of a private email server to conduct official State business, and her pocketing over $1.6 billion in foreign government donations for her “Clinton Foundation”.

Already hundreds of the posters were spotted around New York City as well as on the Las Vegas Strip, warning Americans of the damage that the presidential hopeful will inflict on mankind.

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