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In an era of Big Tech censorship, Big Pharma intoxication and Big Government surveillance, Soleimani's death is a "win" for no one… especially not Americans

To those who are celebrating the death of Qasem Soleimani, I ask this simple question: How does his death make you better off in America?

The First Amendment in America is just as dead as Soleimani, and no one in government — not even Trump — is lifting a finger to defend and restore online free speech. Instead, we all remain enslaved subjects under a fanatical left-wing techno-cult that’s far more insane than Soleimani’s followers ever could have imagined. Yes, Soleimani’s body was shredded by advanced missile technology, but the free speech that once existed in America is no less eviscerated under the malicious censorship war being waged by Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Soleimani may be dead, but censorship is alive and well in America, and no one in any position of power is fighting against it.

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Olivia Kroth
January 12, 2020

PRESS TV reports: New report reveals details of US assassination of Iran’s Gen. Soleimani, exposes Israel’s role – Sunday, 12 January 2020 NBC News has revealed details of Washington’s assassination of prominent Iranian commander Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani, saying the terrorist operation used Israeli intelligence and was run from the US Central Command (CENTCOM) headquarters in Qatar. According to the report, informants at the Damascus airport tipped off the CIA about the time the plane carrying the head of Iran’s Quds Force took off for Baghdad, where he was scheduled to meet Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi. The report quoted… Read more »

Olivia Kroth
January 12, 2020

PRESS TV: US tried 2nd strike in Yemen to kill another Iran commander after Soleimani assassination – Sunday, 12 January 2020 US military forces reportedly carried out a failed terror attack against another Iranian commander in Yemen the same day they assassinated Lt. Gen. Qassem Soleimani and other Iranian and Iraqi military officers in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad. Quoting anonymous US officials, Washington Post and other US-based news outlets reported Friday that the unsuccessful US terror attack in Yemen targeted Abdul Reza Shahlai, identifying him as a “top military commander for Iran’s Quds Force” based in Yemen and active… Read more »

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