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"I'm Not Worried About A Single Thing": A Defiant Comey Brushes Off DOJ Criminal Investigation

With news last week that the Justice Department has shifted an administrative review into the origins of Russiagate into a criminal inquiry, former FBI Director James Comey says he’s confident that a full investigation into the counterintelligence operation against President Trump’s 2016 campaign will show no wrongdoing.

I’m not worried about a single thing in connection with any of the matters under investigation,” he said at Politicon on Saturday, according to Fox News. “Gather the facts, write a report, and share it with the American people — please do that.”

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Ali Baba
Ali Baba

Comey: “I’m Not Worried About A Single Thing”

Which in FBI doublespeak means: “Lots of things worry me.”


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Crabby Hayes
Crabby Hayes

Comey is probably right. If a trial is held in DC, any crook who is not a conservative will probably be found not guilty.

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