Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban strikes back at John McCain, ‘Hungary’s independence is under attack’

Hungary’s democratically elected Prime Minister Viktor Orban had lots to say about U.S. Senator John McCain’s “neo-fascist dictator” remark while speaking on state Kossuth Radio on Friday.

Prime Minister Orban noted that McCain’s statements were “extreme manifestations” which only “reflect on the person who said them”

…or to paraphrase, ‘Take a look in the mirror, Mr. John McCain.’ Let’s not forget, the US, Canada and Ukraine were the only 3 countries to vote against a UN resolution condemning nazism.

Orban also rightly noted that, “Hungary’s national independence is under attack here.” 

McCain made his now infamous “neo-fascist dictator” comment on Tuesday, as a response to President Obama’s appointment of Hollywood producer Colleen Bell as the new US Ambassador to Budapest.

Speaking in the US Senate, McCain said that he is…

“not against political appointees. I understand how the game is played, but [Hungary] … is on the verge of ceding its sovereignty to a neo-fascist dictator getting in bed with Vladimir Putin, and we’re going to send the producer of ‘The Bold and The Beautiful’ as the ambassador.”

Orban sent a clear message to both McCain and the U.S. State Department, that he is well aware of their interest to destabilise Hungary, and initiate yet another regime change…

“The country’s independence in terms of energy, finances and trade relations is unappealing to those who profited from Hungary’s dependence prior to 2010,” and that he “would not be a viceroy in Hungary commissioned by some foreign state”.

Because nothing is worse than a Hungary doing what’s in its best interests.

Regarding South Stream…for which Hungary will be one of many Southern and Eastern European causalities of an inept and, quite frankly, stupid E.U. leadership, Orban noted (as reported by RT)…

“The file on the South Stream gas pipeline is now closed,” but Hungary’s interest has remained “to have a gas pipeline that arrives in Hungary avoiding Ukraine”.

Hungary is highly dependent on Russia’s energy and Moscow remains Budapest’s largest trade partner outside of the EU – in 2013 exports were worth $3.4 billion.

All Hungarian citizens, regardless of their feelings towards Orban and his policies, should not be fooled for one second. Be warned, Senator John McCain and his ilk are not your friends, by any stretch of the imagination.

They are dogs of war, serving a powerful military industrial complex focused on maximising profits…it’s that black and white for them. They see no faces, no feelings, no souls. Their God is money and power, pure and simple.

Next time a US NGO, American Embassy, or any other State Department, George Soros funded fifth column organisation calls you into the streets in protest, remember…

Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somlia 

The list is endless but the result consistent…chaos, death and human suffering.

The Nobel Prize Winner ruins every country he touches. Everything Kerry, McCain, Nuland et al touch turns to pure shit.

These are people who at one point in time, when you served a purpose to further their profit, were all smiles and friendship…only to turn around and back stab you at the first opportunity that presented itself.



PINK FLOYD, The Dogs Of War, Live in Venice…


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December 5, 2014

RT @redpilltimes: #Hungary Prime Minister #ViktorOrban strike back at #JohnMcCain, ‘Hungary’s independence is under attack.’…

December 6, 2014

RT @redpilltimes: #Hungary Prime Minister #ViktorOrban strike back at #JohnMcCain, ‘Hungary’s independence is under attack.’…

December 6, 2014

RT @redpilltimes: #Hungary Prime Minister #ViktorOrban strike back at #JohnMcCain, ‘Hungary’s independence is under attack.’…

World biggest yard sale is about to take place. Ukraine is quickly becoming a circus show, complete with foreign appointed ringmasters

Goodfellas. The U.S. is willing to help Hungary and other European countries build energy infrastructure to reduce its dependence on Russia