How do you now it’s a false flag? When John McCain surfaces to express his ‘heartfelt’ condolences to his friend Boris Nemtsov…

If you had any doubts about the Kremlin at midnight, point blank, Ukrainian model by his side, hollywood scripted murder of Russian 5th columnist Boris Nemtsov, then the fact that his good friend, Senator John McCain is throwing his hat in the ring should be a clear signal that the USA (or at the very least the neo-con sociopaths in Washington) had an active hand in the newest ‘Putin is Evil’ false flag.

While McCain’s post is not the same as say…showing up in Kiev during the Maidan and making a speech in front of gathered protestors…the fact that the Arizona Senator has once again crawled out of his evil lair to make such a post definitely means something.

Here is Senator McCain statement from his website in full…


Washington, D.C. ­– U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) today released the following statement on the murder of Russian opposition leader and human rights activist Boris Nemtsov:

“I was devastated to learn of the murder in Moscow today of my friend Boris Nemtsov. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and many friends in Russia and around the world. With his death, the struggle for free speech and human rights in Russia has suffered another devastating blow.

“That Boris’s murder occurred in a secure part of the Russian capital raises legitimate questions about the circumstances of his killing and who was responsible. But regardless of who actually pulled the trigger, Boris is dead because of the environment of impunity that Vladimir Putin has created in Russia, where individuals are routinely persecuted and attacked for their beliefs, including by the Russian government, and no one is ever held responsible.

“I had long been concerned about Boris’s safety, and said so publicly. I will never forget the last meeting we had. I begged him to be careful, and Boris told me that he would never give up the fight for freedom, human rights, and rule of law for his fellow Russians, even if it cost him his life. I am heartbroken that it has come to that. There must be a full investigation of Boris’s murder, and those responsible must be held accountable. The world will be watching.”

And their it is, the western media’s Putin bashing fix will now be met for another few months…until the next false flag event is trumped up, or until they somehow manage to pull of their orgasmic dream of a Russian Spring.

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March 2, 2015

Mr ‘Oven Chips’ McCain says “I’m heart-broken”. How can this be so? He hasn’t got one to be broken! The man is a pathological least he would be if it was within his remit to bring one. Remember what he called peaceful protesters, recently, urging warmongers like Kissinger to stand trial..he called them “Low life scum!” So much for US democracy.

Geschlossenes Konto
Geschlossenes Konto
March 22, 2015

“I was devastated to learn of the murder in Moscow today of my friend Boris Nemtsov.” !!

Definitely, the American politicians’ cynicism and hypocrisy would be rather ridiculous if they were not the cause of so much destruction and death.

Obvious false flag operation. Liberal opposition politician, Boris Nemtsov, shot dead in Moscow

The Intercept reports that the US military compensated Afghan families for civilian deaths and injuries as part of its strategy to win hearts and minds