5 reasons you NEED to support RussiaFeed’s Crowdfunding drive RIGHT NOW

With less than 48 hours left before the end of RussiaFeed’s Crowdfunding drive, here are the top 5 reasons you need to chip in

1. For every dollar you donate to RussiaFeed, John McCain cries a little inside

It’s no secret that the western establishment is no fan of alternative media.

Lately they’ve been strong-arming an already biased social media to crack down even further on anti-establishment news sources, with Google “deranking” RT and Sputnik from search results, and YouTube and Facebook banning and censoring conservative commentators.

The more money you give to RussiaFeed to build up our war chest, the more John McCain, George Soros, and other establishment elites will be kept up nights.

2. Top flight talented writing staff

RussiaFeed is a budding new platform for some of the best names in alt media today: the brilliant Alexander Mercouris, the indefatigable Adam Garrie, the impressive Alex Christoforou, and with timely contributions by such luminaries as Peter Lavelle, Vladimir Rodzianko, Andrew Korybko – and even yours truly.

Amassing all this talent in one place is no small feat – and it requires no small budget to keep it going.  That’s why we need your support to continue as strong as ever.

3. The new home of all things Russia

RussiaFeed brings the best in Russian political, economic, and cultural news to you every day, no matter where you are. And we’re working to bring you even more original commentary and analysis from our team of talented writers – in addition to our stellar Russian news aggregation.

Here at RussiaFeed, and at our partner site The Duran, we correctly predicted many of the stories the MSM got dead wrong, including: the Brexit vote, the election of Donald Trump, the failure of anti-Russian sanctions, and Russian victory in Syria.

We can go on beating the Fake News media only if you give us the funds we need to keep fighting.

4. We’ve got 3 more news sites to carry the war to the MSM

RussiaFeed is about to launch an all out offensive.

We’ve already opened 3 other fronts in the information war with the websites The Duran, Red Pill Times, and coming soon in earnest: Hellenic Insider.

We need to hire several more staff writers to carry these sites forward, bringing you even more original content, even faster – as well as a full time Managing Editor for Hellenic Insider. (P.S. – If interested, send a writing sample to

Whether you’re looking for timely social-political commentary, economics, Russia news, conservative politics, or the inside scoop on Greece and the EU – our goal is to have you covered.

We need your donations to help make it happen.

5. It’s the right thing to do

Now more than ever before, you have an opportunity to make a real impact in the information space that can literally change the world.

At RussiaFeed, as well as our partner sites, what you see is what you get. Since May of this year, we’ve been restoring confidence in reader-supported, alternative media focused on Russia. We’re 100% legit, and 100% cutting edge.

Every Dollar, Pound, Euro, Rupee or even Bitcoin you contribute brings us closer to providing more people with True News on Russia – leaving the Fake News to the mainstream media.

Our crowdfunding drive ends Dec. 1st.

Let’s punch this thing.

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Donate Bitcoin to this address: 17qEnUEwEjWjEwKo85hFB4SWnwrXqB2jWG

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