Obvious false flag operation. Liberal opposition politician, Boris Nemtsov, shot dead in Moscow

This is such an obvious false flag operation it’s ridiculous.

Boris Nemtsov, while outspoken and charismatic, was a very weak politician with zero popular support. Putin, with a solid 85% support, did not even register him as an ‘opposition’ threat to begin with. He was a total non-issue.

The target here is Putin, and western MSM will spin this like they do everything else…’Putin did it’, yeah we get it, move on.

It’s simple…the FSB are not amateurs. This style of execution is staged to send a message and create a martyr. If the FSB wanted someone dead they would never execute someone in the center of Moscow. This was all about drawing maximum media coverage, in a hollywood style hit. This wreaks CIA!

At best it’s desperate attempt at trying to cobble together a Russian spring, days before an opposition March that was failing to garner any interest whatsoever. At worst, it will distract from Ukriane’s failures, and give western zombies more Putin fodder to keep them full for a few more months.

John Kerry’s script writers probably have the speeches ready for him to take with him on the Sunday talk shows and lecture the world on evil Russia, freedom and democracy.

Via The Saker blog…

He [Boris Nemtsov] was one of the most charismatic leaders of the “liberal” or “democratic” “non-system” opposition in Russia (please understand that in the Russian context “liberal” and “democratic” means pro-US or even CIA-run, while “non-system” means too small to even get a single deputy in the Duma). He was shot just a few days before the announced demonstration of the very same “liberal” or “democratic” “non-system” opposition scheduled for March 1st.

And now, in *perfect* timing, Nemtsov is murdered.

We all know the reaction of the AngloZionists and their propaganda machine.  It will be exactly the same as for MH-17: Putin the Murderer!!! Democracy Shot!! Freedom Killed!! etc. etc. etc. etc.

There is no doubt in my mind at all that either this is a fantastically unlikely but always possible case of really bad luck for Putin and Nemtsov was shot by some nutcase or mugged, or this was a absolutely prototypical western false flag: you take a spent politician who has no credibility left with anyone with an IQ over 70, and you turn him into an instant “martyr for freedom, democracy, human right and civilization”.

By the way if, as I believe, this is a false flag, I expect it to be a stunning success in the West and a total flop in Russia: by now, Russians already can smell that kind of setup a mile away and after MH-17 everybody was expecting a false flag.  So, if anything, it will only increase the hostility of Russians towards the West and rally them around Putin.  In the Empire, however, this will be huge, better than Politkovskaya or Litvinenko combined.  A “Nemtsov” prize will be created, a Nemtov statue will be place somewhere (in Warsaw?), the US Congress will pass a “Nemtsov law” and the usual combo package of “democratic hagiography” will be whipped-up.

There are folks in Langley tonight who got a promotion.

Some more context from RT:



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February 28, 2015

You guys are bloodthirsty. You will never stop.

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How do you now it’s a false flag? When John McCain surfaces to express his ‘heartfelt’ condolences to his friend Boris Nemtsov…