Hollywood hypocrisy: Harvey Weinstein pictured at “Women’s March Against Trump”

Was he marching or searching for his next victim?

Liberal left champion of women’s rights, hollywood elitist producer, Harvey Weinstein was photographed at the anti-Trump pussy march that took place on the day of Trump’s presidential inauguration.

A decades long sexual predator, hollywood radical left activist, marching in protest of Trump. Liberalism’s hypocrisy, once again exposed.

Via The Gateway Pundit

The New York Times on Thursday broke a stunning allegations recounting nearly three decades’ worth of sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein, one of the most powerful producers in Hollywood.

Harvey Weinstein attended the anti-Trump pussy march on the day after the presidential inauguration.

The women in attendance wore pussy hats because trumped talked about grabbing pussy.

Harvey Weinstein on the hand was the real deal.

He grabbed pussy and he grabbed pussy for decades.

Via Reddit The Donald:

The Duran reported last week that Weinstein may be toxic now, but just a few months ago and throughout the 2016 US presidential campaign, Harvey was the toast of the hollywood liberal left elites preaching their disgust towards Trump and his Access Hollywood “pussy grabbing” audio…

Hollywood producer and liberal left hero Harvey Weinstein has become toxic as a New York Times expose detailed decades of sexual harassment of aspiring actresses. Big surprise, who would have thought that liberal left Hollywood elites are complete hypocrites.

One power couple Weinstein was particularly found of was the Clintons. We can see why Weinstein and Bill Clinton would get along. The conversations they must have had.

Weinstein was one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest donors, having raised millions for the pathetic loser Democratic presidential candidate.

Hillary Clinton has yet to disavow Weinstein’s actions or return his large financial contributions made to the Clinton campaign.

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Rastislav Veľká Morava
Rastislav Veľká Morava
October 10, 2017

Too bad Trump is more interested in threatening North Korea with annihilation, pleasing Nutandyahoo/Kushner and pulling out of agreements that the United Unilateral Sanctions of America signed.

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