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Hillary Clinton’s ‘poll surge’ bought and paid for

The establishment democrats have been using every cheap trick in the book and then some. They smear Trump, and try make Clinton seem like less of a criminal. They blame Russia for hacking the DNC and Clinton’s servers, in a wild attempt to distract from their dirty laundry being visible to all.

Some of these emails proved the DNC stole the democratic nomination from Bernie Sanders, causing the resignation of a few prominent DNC leaders. Today, new leaks included a message about Clinton “hating everyday Americans”. There’s evidence to suggest that DNC staffer Seth Rich was assassinated by his own party, and Julian Assange has strongly suggested that he was the source of the DNC leaks.

But at this point, ‘what difference does it make?’

The latest in apparent deception from the democratic camp is an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released yesterday that suddenly has Clinton 11 points ahead, after weeks of Trump gaining on her, even being ahead in some polls. This is strange, seeing as Trump smashed Clinton at the debate. Every online poll, even that of the extremely liberal BuzzFeed, showed Trump as a clear winner.

The mainstream media is trying to sell a different picture, though. The constant pushing of the Trump audio tapes right before the debate shows that they’re continuing their attempts to paint him as a crazy, violent pervert, which has been their plan all along.

This seems to be backfiring, with Trump bringing out the big guns in the form of several of Bill Clinton’s rape victims supporting him, holding a press conference with them just before the start of the debate.

The NBC/WSJ poll seems to be an attempt at showing that these last leaks will really be the end of Trump’s campaign. For real, this time! Really! But wait, there’s more.

Hasn’t this poor man suffered enough?

User 00Spartacus on the popular pro-Trump forum on reddit posted an image of who’s behind this poll. It was conducted by Hart Research, whose president is none other than Geoff Garin, who worked for the Clinton campaign during its final months in 2008, and played a major role in Priorities USA, a pro-Clinton super PAC since 2012. The picture also shows that there have been direct payments from this super PAC going to the pollster.

So, Hillary’s big momentum increase has been paid for by people desperately trying to get her elected, and polled by someone who’s been working under and for her for nearly a decade?

Trump’s speeches fill stadiums everywhere he goes, and Clinton has trouble getting people to fill up high school gyms when she visits. There are widespread reports of people seeing Trump signs wherever they go, but can barely find anyone supporting Hillary. Still, we’re supposed to believe that she’s crushing Trump by 11 points?

I wonder how much longer the American public will stand for this deception.

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