Herschel Walker blames NFL commissioner for anthem crisis

NFL superstar says: “Our Flag Is Very Special”

Zerohedge reports that former NFL susperstar Herschel Walker – who aggressively praised America’s military heroes and first responders – slams NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for not quelling the national anthem protests.

NYPost’s John Aidan Byrne reports that the Heisman Trophy winner doesn’t beat around the bush…

“Guys, let me tell you this,” he said.

“Our flag is very special, and black lives matter, but what we should do is go to Washington after the season and protest there instead. We have young men and women fighting for the flag. And we have to respect the White House.”

Walker continued…

“I absolutely think the protests are so upsetting, and I blame the commissioner.”

“I know people are going to be angry when I say it, but he should have stopped the protests at the very beginning.”

Walker used to play for Trump’s USFL New Jersey Generals in the ’80s…

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November 21, 2017

I think there’s no law requiring the playing of the national anthem. So no law is being broken not standing or not singing. and coerced shows of loyalty are unbecoming for a free people and is evidence of unfreedom. play football or not, worship a flag or not but don’t combine play with worship. so let those who think abuse is argument begin abusing.

Reply to  SteveLaudig
November 21, 2017

Gee, Stevie, how about the criminalization of free speech? That doesn’t bother you at all, does it?

Reply to  SteveLaudig
November 22, 2017

Standing for the flag is evidence of “unfreedom” ? What’s the opposite of “freedom”? Slavery?

Standing for the flag means a person is agreeing to slavery? LOL!

So do the pointy heads of the Left pontificate… “Freedom is Slavery” ! LOL!

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