Gorgeous Russian TV presenter explains how Putin’s nuclear missiles work (VIDEO)

Russia’s test of an ICBM in the Ural mountains left rattled locals blaming everything from North Korea to extraterrestrials

Move over North Korea – Russia’s in on the ballistic missile test game too.

But Moscow seems to know how to do it with a bit more panache – or at least better PR.

Russia’s night time test of a “Topol” ICBM over the Ural mountain range gave spectators quite a light show, not to mention quite a shock.

Speculation over the cause of the UFO ranged from a launch by Pyongyang to a visit by intelligent life from other planets.

But it turned out to be a Russian test this time – as the the lovely ladies of Russia’s Vesti news program explained.

Somebody should tell Kim Jong Un to spice up his nuclear launches with a few blondes.

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