Germany, Sweden and Austria decorate anti-terror cement blocks for the holiday season

So sad to see Europe stoop to such pathetic levels.

It’s holiday season, and in the past, European cities would decorate streets and town squares with Christmas cheer…now thanks to open borders and ISIS re-settlement programs, European cities are now having to decorate their anti-jihadist cement blocks as well.

The Gateway Pundit correctly notes that instead of erecting barriers on their borders, the leadership is building barriers around historic landmarks, government offices and Christmas Markets!

But at least they’re decorating their street cement blocks for Christmas!

Paul Joseph Watson tweeted about the festive cements block decorations in liberal left utopia Sweden…

Instead of blocking returning ISIS jihadists from entering the country, Sweden welcomed them back & gave them welfare.

But hey, at least the public gets to enjoy these lovely, Christmassy, anti-terror concrete blocks.

In Austria cement blocks are wrapped like anti-car ramming Christmas presents…

Jack Posobiec tweets that, “Austria is putting Christmas wrapping paper around its anti-terror concrete blocks to make you feel safer this holiday season.”

Bath is NOT doing a very good job covering up its anti-terror blocks…

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November 26, 2017

The Europeans have no right to complain. After all, the Jihadists are invited guests.

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