Germany launches effort to dumb down German language to accommodate migrants

A new program will train local authorities in writing texts in ‘simple German’ that foreigners can understand

(Sputnik) – A unique training project for future “easy-language” specialists started in the German city of Augsburg on January 2.

Within the next four years, the initiative intends to train a total of 12 specialists who themselves have learning difficulties and are expected to work jointly with social workers to transform complicated texts into simple ones. This is in order to make them more understandable to mentally challenged individuals, persons with dementia or foreigners that have just recently arrived in the country.

“Twelve people with learning difficulties will take part in the first training course to become easy-language specialists; they will be the first in Germany to hold this qualification,” the statement of the German Caritas association that is in charge of the project said.

The idea is that all publications and decisions by the authorities should be made accessible to the individuals who simply can’t understand the content so that as many people as possible are able to participate in social life.

“Everyone should understand everything,” the association’s representatives believe, arguing that only in this way can one ensure the efficient integration of all people residing in the country.

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mulegino1 .
mulegino1 .
January 4, 2018

Orwell predicted this in 1984 with his “Newspeak.” The language must be dumbed down to accommodate a pliant population of slaves and proles. Ultimately, quasi- illiteracy is the ideal condition of the masses in the minds of the western elites. As long as the broad masses are just literate enough to read road signs or “Enter” “Exit” and “Apply for Benefits Here” the elites will be assured of maintaining their dominance. Literacy is not a sine qua non in traditional societies or cultures, but it is necessary in industrial and post-industrial societies since the vast majority of the people cannot… Read more »

January 7, 2018

It’s world well in the U$, and it should work equally well in Germany. Dat whu u mofo’s be tauken bout?

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