Trump critic George Takei tells Howard Stern he ‘only’ tried to rape men at home, not at work (AUDIO)

Ensign Sulu said he never tried to rape men on the starship Enterprise, but maintains Trump should leave office for joking about women

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Star Trek star and consistent Donald Trump critic, George Takei, has found himself embroiled deeper in a sex assault scandal after a recording has emerged of him telling radio host Howard Stern that he only groped men at his home – not on the set of Star Trek.

He has apologized for the comments made to Stern, and continues to deny allegations he drugged and aggressively groped young male model Scott Brunton in 1981.

Takei has launched foul mouthed threatening tirades against Trump on Twitter and other media since the 45th US president began his campaign. Takei blasted Trump after a tape emerged of Trump talking about groping women, recorded 10 years before the election:

Apparently Takei found Trump’s spoken remarks about women much more offensive then the actor’s actual behavior towards men.

Last Sunday Takei blamed “Russian bots” for spreading the allegations against him (no doubt in collusion with Donald Trump).

Here’s more from Breitbart:

Embattled actor George Takei has apologized for a recent interview with Howard Stern in which he joked about sexually assaulting men, after the former Star Trek star was accused last week of groping a male model in an alleged incident in 1981.

In a social media post, Takei said he attempted to play the role of a “naughty gay grandpa” whilst appearing on the radio show, adding that it was a “caricature that I now regret.”

“Many have raised concern over a back-and-forth between Howard Stern and myself, where we joked about me touching men during my ‘Star Trek’ days 50 years ago. Out of context, I agree that the joke was distasteful, and I’m very sorry he and I made fun out of a serious matter,” Takei wrote in a Facebook post.

“But I want to be clear: I have never forced myself upon someone during a date,” he continued. “Sometimes my dates were the initiators, and sometimes I was. It was always by mutual consent. I see now that it has come across poorly in the awkward sketch, and I apologize for playing along with Howard’s insinuation.”

Takei’s response comes days after the Star Trek star vehemently denied allegations that he sexually assaulted fellow actor, Scott R. Brunton, in 1981, stating that he was “shocked and bewildered” by the claims and could not recall the incident or Brunton himself.

The actor, who is also a prominent left-wing and LGBT activist, has also sought to blamethe allegations on Russian bots for amplifying stories covering the allegations against him. He has since deleted the related posts.

“A friend sent me this. It is a chart of what Russian bots have been doing to amplify stories containing the allegations against me,” Takei wrote on Twitter, along with a picture of a trending topics chart featuring his name at the top. “It’s clear they want to cow me into silence, but do not fear, friends. I won’t succumb to that.”

“By way of background, when I criticized Putin’s anti-LGBT policies publicly, Russian bots attacked my [Facebook] page relentlessly, and we had to develop special security measures and ban all traffic from within the Russian Federation and the Ukraine,” he wrote in another post. “I am accustomed to their practices.”

Takei is one of the dozens of major Hollywood figures to be implicated in the ongoing sexual abuse scandal, which erupted following the emergence of sexual abuse claims against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. More than 77 prominent figures have been accused of wrongdoing, including actors Kevin Spacey, Ben Affleck, and Dustin Hoffman.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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Tim Webb
Tim Webb
November 15, 2017

I am not in the least bit surprised that this vindictive and hypocritical character has forgotten all about removing Scott Brunton’s underwear and groping him.
Such people are renowned for their gross promiscuity, and their “liaisons”, whether in bush, lavatory, bath-house, or discotheque, are generally understood to run into the thousands.

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