France to the rescue: French film star Catherine Deneuve defends men’s ‘right’ to flirt with women.

The “witch-hunt” against men threatens sexual freedom.

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Finally some European women are speaking out against hollywood’s feverish obsession to marginalize men and create a divide between the sexes, rooted in fear and social media litigation.

France’s most revered actress Catherine Deneuve hit out Tuesday at a new “puritanism” sparked by a wave of sexual harassment scandals in hollywood, declaring that men should be “free to hit on” women.

Deneuve was one of around 100 French women writers, performers and academics who wrote an open letter deploring the wave of “denunciations” that has followed claims that Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein raped and sexually assaulted women over decades.

The French women claimed that the “witch-hunt” that has followed threatens sexual freedom.


“Rape is a crime, but trying to seduce someone, even persistently or cack-handedly, is not — nor is men being gentlemanly a macho attack,” said the letter published in the daily Le Monde.

“Men have been punished summarily, forced out of their jobs when all they did was touch someone’s knee or try to steal a kiss,” said the letter, which was also signed by Catherine Millet, author of the hugely explicit 2002 bestseller “The Sexual Life of Catherine M.”.

Men had been dragged through the mud, they argued, for “talking about intimate subjects during professional dinners or for sending sexually-charged messages to women who did not return their attentions.”

The letter attacked feminist social media campaigns like #MeToo and its French equivalent #Balancetonporc (Call out your pig) for unleashing this “puritanical… wave of purification”.

It claimed that “legitimate protest against the sexual violence that women are subject to, particularly in their professional lives”, had turned into a witch-hunt.

“What began as freeing women up to speak has today turned into the opposite — we intimidate people into speaking ‘correctly’, shout down those who don’t fall into line, and those women who refused to bend” to the new realities “are regarded as complicit and traitors.”

The signatories — which included a porn star-turned-agony aunt — claimed they were defending sexual freedom, for which “the liberty to seduce and importune was essential”.

Oscar-nominated Deneuve, 74, is best known internationally for playing a bored housewife who spends her afternoons as a prostitute in Luis Bunuel classic 1967 film, “Belle du Jour”.

Deneuve has made no secret of her annoyance at social media campaigns to shame men accused of harassing women.

“I don’t think it is the right method to change things, it is excessive,” she said last year, referring to the #MeToo hashtag. “After ‘Calling our your pig’ what are we going to have, ‘Call our your whore?'” she said.

“Instead of helping women, this frenzy to send these (male chauvinist) ‘pigs’ to the abattoir actually helps the enemies of sexual liberty — religious extremists and the worst sort of reactionaries,” the collective of women who signed the letter said.

“As women we do not recognise ourselves in this feminism, which beyond denouncing the abuse of power, takes on a hatred of men and of sexuality.”

They insisted that women were “sufficiently aware that the sexual urge is by its nature wild and aggressive. But we are also clear-eyed enough not to confuse an awkward attempt to pick someone up with a sexual attack.”


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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Pertti Lantela
Pertti Lantela
January 10, 2018

The rich, demonic, elite paedophile bankers and their blood drinking Luciferian whores for Satan (Marxists/feminists/Satanists, they are all the same atheist egomaniacs) couldn’t care less what “movie Stars” think, let alone ordinary people…. They do what ever they please, the police won’t do a thing, they get to diddle little kids too………

Tim Webb
Tim Webb
January 10, 2018

This isn’t a moral issue, as Mme. Deneuve, by her earlier willing portrayal of a prostitute, makes clear.
It is about power, pure and simple.
Men have it, and use it, and women do not have it, but want it.

Phillip Kokesh
Phillip Kokesh
January 10, 2018

well said, honey! i take that liberty being the same age, and having always considered you one of the most beautiful women who have ever lived during my own 74 years’ appreciations of such exquisite beauty… ????❤️????

Peter Solinski
Peter Solinski
January 11, 2018

Have you noticed that this is almost exclusively a white male problem? Where is the outrage at all those rappers who want women to back dat ass up?

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