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GameStop exposes Wall Street rigged game. Robinhood App goes full Market Manipulation

GameStop exposes Wall Street rigged game. Robinhood App goes full Market Manipulation

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“You Can Not Purchase Additional Shares”: Robinhood Reportedly Halts Buying In GameStop And AMC

One day after TD Ameritrade implemented unprecedented restrictions on trading in GME, AMC and other massive short squeezes, on Thursday morning reports are circulating on social media that Robinhood is no longer allowing GameStop or AMC share purchases.

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Terry R
Terry R
January 28, 2021

No ethical person could condemn the actions of those Redditers who interfered with the scheming of vulture capitalists to bankrupt a company, purely to increase their own ill-gotten riches.
When the law protects such predatory capitalists, it is heartwarming to see that a grassroots movement can legally step in to protect the victim company whilst inflicting huge losses on these vulture hedge funds.
Imagine if Soros had been stopped when he shorted the British pound…..The world would be a different place today.

January 29, 2021
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“When the rich rob the poor it’s called BUSINESS, when the poor fight back it’s called VIOLENCE.”

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