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Fuel company for AL-Nusra

Al-Nusra opens a new fuel company in Idlib to have a monopoly on petroleum products

Al-Nusra Front opened a new fuel company in its areas of control in Idlib Governorate and the countryside of Aleppo, where the company bore the name “Kaf”.

A local source said that the company inaugurated by “Al-Nusra” is similar to the previously existing “Wad” company, which monopolizes the hydrocarbon trade in the region in favor of “Al-Nusra” and controls prices according to the price of the Turkish lira that it imposed dealing with.

The source added that the opening of the “Kaf” company comes in the context of “Al-Nusra” attempts to absorb popular anger against “Wedge” which raised fuel prices more than once during the past months, under the pretext of the collapse of the value of the Turkish lira against the dollar.

The source indicated that Al-Nusra is trying to present a formal competitor to Watt in front of the people of the region, and that it promoted the new company after its opening in the city of Sarmada in the northern countryside of Idlib, by distributing quantities of diesel fuel to the displaced in the area to impart a humane image to the new company. It erases the monopolistic characteristic of “wedge”.

The new company issued a new price list for fuel, but it did not differ from the prices of “wedge”, down by more than two Turkish piasters, while the sources indicated that the prices of the fuel itself are reduced by more than 10 piasters for diesel and gasoline, and about 8 Turkish liras for The gas cylinder in the areas controlled by the Turkish forces and the factions loyal to them in northern Syria.

It is noteworthy that the “Wad” company affiliated with “Al-Nusra” is considered the monopolist and the main controller of fuel prices within the “front” control areas, without any supervision over its work.

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