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FREXIT – Is France Hurling toward Exiting the EU? | Armstrong Economics

France is by no means calming down. There is a major underlying problem in France which is rising to the surface in direct confrontation with the government and Macron’s ambition to lead Europe. Macron’s confrontation with Trump over NATO is a reflection of a historical posture of the French government that has resented both Germany and the United States. Macron had said, “The Atlantic alliance can only be restored in one way, through restoring the unity of Europe.” The twelve founding members set up a headquarters together for the first time in London in 1950. 

NATO Headquarters was located at 13, Belgrave Square. The last meeting to be held in London before the move to Paris was on April 1, 1952, which coincided with NATO’s third anniversary. NATO was forced to move its headquarters from Paris, France (the A building for Alliance) following the French withdrawal from NATO, which then moved to Brussels 1967. Macron did not advocate that France should pull out of NATO as was the case under President de Gaulle. Indeed, de Gaulle did withdraw France from NATO’s military structure in 1966, yet it remained an Ally. Macron has been also pushing for a European Army. Clearly, Macron’s agenda has been to federalize Europe and that is clashing with the people. He is NOT a proponent in having the USA a major part of NATO according to reliable sources.

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Attorney General
Attorney General
December 10, 2019

There will be no Frexit. Le Pen has no plan of dropping the euro and the French electorate values the eurozone too much, like we’ve seen in the last election.
Frexit is off the table.

Olivia Kroth
Reply to  Attorney General
December 11, 2019

The French people hate the eurozone, and the election was frauded. Macron got hoisted into his position by deep state efforts.

Olivia Kroth
December 11, 2019

I hope for both: Brexit and Frexit.

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