Formula one bans sexy Grid Girls over Social Justice Warrior whining

Grid Girls fired back in anger at SJW trolls.

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Formula One has succumb to SJW madness by banning the sexy Grid Girls over SJW objections and whining.

What will Formula One do to replace the Grid Girls? How about “Grid Kids.”

Zerohedge reports…

Amid a brave new world of sexual consent forms and rage over the “patriarchy,” Formula 1 and its FAI ruling body has decided to ban the use of promotional models, known as “grid girls,” from its events because they don’t “resonate with [the] brand values [of F1] and clearly is at odds with modern day societal norms.”

Whose societal norms? Has anyone checked out a college campus lately?

Instead of Grid Girls, meet “Grid Kids!” 

Replacing the Grid Girls will be F1’s new “Grid Kids” initiative – which is designed to entice younger fans to “get involved” in the racing sport – despite the fact that the program is only available to children who are already involved in a local motorsport club.

The move by F1 follows a similar move by the Professional Darts Corporation which banned walk-on girls from its competitions. Because dart competitions are just as fun without the girls.

F1 said in a statement

“The joint initiative will involve the local Grand Prix promoter working alongside ASNs – the FIA-recognised national sporting authorities – who will provide a unique opportunity to youngsters and their families to be part of one of the most exclusive and exciting moments of the whole race weekend.”

Participants will be chosen by merit or lottery, and will be able to accompany the world’s 20 best drivers at every Grand Prix.

Fan will no longer see beautiful adult women at the events, but SJW approved Grid Kids.

Now unemployed Grid Girls

As Brutalist reports that the Grid Girls aren’t taking this sitting down…

Rebecca Cooper, a five time F1 grid girl, said on Twitter that it is “ridiculous that women who say they are ‘fighting for women’s rights’ are saying what others should and shouldn’t do, stopping us from doing a job we love and are proud to do. [It is] political correctness gone mad.”

Cooper also implied that grid girls have been misrepresented and put together a photograph collage to highlight that women who work in her trade are not “scantily clad furniture” and that the outfits are more modest.

For Michelle Westby, working as a promotional model in motorsports led to a successful career as a stunt driver and a drift racing driver.

Westby elaborated over Facebook:

If it wasn’t for grid work / promotional modelling, I wouldn’t be where I am now in a ‘male dominated’ sport and job as a stunt driver and drift competition driver, inspiring and influencing females into this ‘intimidating male environment.’ I get girls messaging me all the time saying how I inspire them and made them want to get into racing and drifting when they didn’t think they would be accepted… What people don’t realise, is that the girls have knowledge of the products and teams they are promotion — that’s part of the job. We get a brief on the uniform but it’s up to us if we feel comfortable in it. We are more clothed than what teenagers wear down the supermarkets. I’m now retired but to think girls have lost a lot of important income because feminists think they know best, when they really haven’t got a clue, is frustrating.

Fans and Grid Girls alike took to Twitter to denounce the decision, using the hashtag #Gridgirl

Zerohedge reports that Formula 1 begins its 2018 season on March 26. Let’s see if SJW politics have the same effect as #kneelgate did on NFL attendance. What’s next?


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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February 7, 2018

No, no, gay parades are cool…yep, and fat feminist with green hair including nose rings know what men like to look at… Jeez, the world has become insane! Beautiful women want to be adored. Whats wrong with that? Ohh probably the F1 boss is (secretly) gay. Bastard. Or has a jealous ugly wife, also possible..

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